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July 10, 2012

DIYs with a freebie!

How can it be July already? What happened to June? I've been too busy to keep up with my own self lately but I wanted to share with you what projects I have completed. (This post has lots of pictures and a freebie!)

First up, is my book boxes. Remember these from my Ikea trip? Well they got a make-over!
I needed them to be more colorful without being too busy, so I spray painted them to match the colors in my room. The colors I used are Berry Frost, Exotic Sea, Everglade Glen and I finished with a sealer. I picked up all of these from Lowes. To paint the boxes, I laid them flat on a sheet like in the pic below and sprayed one side at a time, then flipped it over when it was dry and sprayed the other side.
You can see from this picture that I wasn't all the way finished when I took this. I was chased away from this project by a bunch of bees! I guess they thought my boxes were big, bright flowers. Once I finished with the spray painting all that was left to do was fold the boxes together which was very easy. My six year old helped me with all the folding :)

 then repeat 24 more times and you end up with...

All that I have left to do now is add some labels. Aside from the bees and 95+ degree weather, it was a fun project!

Between the boxes and my the next project my family took a week long trip to see my BFF Rebecca in Virginia. We taught together for a few years and our kids are the same age so we bonded instantly when we met and I love her like a sister! Here we are at the beach!

We even had a fun girls night with shopping, dinner, and Magic Mike!

When I came home, I tackled my latest pinterest project. I was inspired by this pin from Mrs. Rojas over at Create Teach Share. She has great tutorial and a you can download her labels (wish I would have found her labels before I spent so much time making my own).

Here's my box! I spray painted it with the Berry Frost that I used on the book boxes. Then I printed the labels, cut them out, and stuck them on with some double sided tape. Very quick and easy! Now I'm fighting the urge to run to the store and buy supplies to fill up each drawer! -->Side note-our stores already have the back to school aisles all filled up!
If you want to use my labels, click the picture to get them. The labels are typed on the background, so there's no need for cardstock or colored paper.
I hope you can use this! If you have any questions about either of these projects, feel free to ask!
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